Check out our News page for our 2011 breeding choices! We have added one new broodmare - the exceptional jumper mare Athletica on lease from Majestic Acres Sporthorses.

Windy Hill Farm is a small warmblood breeding operation located south of Atlanta in Forsyth, Georgia. We welcome only 1-2 foals per year to our family so we can concentrate on quality rather than quantity. Our goal is to start with an exceptional mare base and choose stallions carefully that we think will make excellent crosses. Lots of reading and research goes into every breeding choice we make. Of course, we are constantly learning every day! We strive to breed foals with very specific characteristics:

Character - if a horse is beautiful, has the best movement around, and has a pedigree none can match but has a bad attitude, I know I don't want him!

Ability - we carefully select only mares with very correct conformation knowing that some flaws in conformation can lead to soundness problems down the road. If you took biology in school as I did, you learned a little something about genetics. Each foal has a little of his mama and papa in him, thus I spend oodles of time contemplating the stallion's accomplishments before selecting one. I also prefer to breed mares who have had show careers themselves and proven their own athletic abilities!

Heart - this you simply cannot train a horse to have. I have chosen broodmares with both good character and great ability, but what may be most important is their willingness. Then, I talk with other people who have bred to the stallion I have selected. Are the foals trainable and eager to please? Have I bred a horse that I personally would feel safe to ride and handle? I want my clients to love my horses like I do, so admittedly, lots of my own heart and soul goes into every horse that graces my farm. My broodmares are more than just commodities, they're my buddies. I often spend time in the paddocks just hanging out with my girls! I know who likes their fanny scratched and who just wants their nose rubbed.

Well, all in all, if your idea of a dream horse matches mine, you've come to the right place!

My buddy Iceman and me down at Majestic Acres in Monticello, FL this past March.

Cessna and me on a beautiful fall day in 2008!

Linda Woltz and her stallion Benidetto

Shannon Schiller of Majestic Acres in FL with Elio

My friend Christina Bevill with her Dutch warmblood gelding Adore (Don Primaire/Gribaldi). Adore arrived from Europe in early May 2008 with my Hohenstein filly Happy Feet. We were so excited to have them home with us!

Happy Feet (Hohenstein/Lemon Park) and me in February of 2009. She and Adore are so glad to be here!

My favorite farm companions:

Sweetie (7/1996 - 10/2008) and Dixie         Fury

Resident clown!                                                  Guard dog extraordinaire

"End of the Day" - photo by Wendy Sherlock


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